D/C Bigbang 2012 - Master Art Post
Art behind the cut

Title: Hymns of Angels Don’t Sound Like This
Authors: bodiesnotourown and azimmermann
Artist: kassiopeiar
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural, High School AU
Pairings/Characters: Dean/Castiel, Castiel/Crowley, mild Sam/Jess, Gabriel, Anna, Balthazar, Israfael (original female character), Bobby/Ellen, Jo, Ash, and many other secondary show characters.
Rating: NC-17 for mature content.
Word Count: 52,000+
Warnings: Romance between teenagers, sexy times, mild violence, implied but not described non-con and the after effects.

Summary: Dean is a new student, Castiel Milton and family have a band. Castiel is in a relationship he hides from his family, but starts to fall for Dean when they meet at a concert. Angst ensues, interrupted by the antics of the Milton kids who can’t mind their own business and trouble that seeks to destroy what they have before it can get off the ground.
Links to the Fic:
(At bodiesnotourown) (At azimmermann)

This was the first time I participated in any SPN challenge and more or less the first time I tried my hand at Supernatural Art. It was certainly an interesting experience. Thanks to my writers for being so fun and easy to work with! Now I hope you enjoy the art (and the fic, of course).

Cover Art:

First meeting:
first meeting

Having fun:
dean and cas

Sam, the Smurf:

The Aftermath:
anna and castiel

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